Web-oriented information system ordered by the student assoc., to manage their various services.

Website computerizing the main services of the AEDI (events registration, professional contact book, job offers listing, ...) and offering a new modern façade.

As (now former) secretary-general of the AEDI and front-end lead-programmer, I helped with the specification, before implementing the dynamic contact book, the static pages design, and finally handing it over to the client.

Side-project - website - repo

Jquery, Ajax, PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap



"Hospital Automation System" to oversee the patients and rooms conditions in real-time.

Based on a network of sensors/actuators, an inference engine and a web interface, it is highly modular, making it easy to add new devices (real or virtual) and rules.

My task was to implement in C++ the needed protocols (EnOcean, JSON), in order to communicate with the various elements. I also helped to implement the Web server and client, including the real-time hospital map.

Long-term school project - repo

Automation, C++, NodeJS, HTML5, SCRUM



Messaging service, available on computers and mobile phones, that aims at replacing SMS.

Instant texting / No fee (Wifi, 3G) / Multi-plateforme experience (Iphone, WF7, Android, browsers) / Cloud Storage / Encryption/ 5 languages available

As a member of this project, I've implemented the Ajax layer for the browser client to continually communicate with the server (Comet/Long Polling Request + Iframe-pipe). I also helped with some UI features.

Side-project - website